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  • Download the BWL Outage Center Mobile App

    Be prepared in case power goes out. Easily report your electrical outage and check on an estimated restoration time with the touch of a button. Search “Lansing BWL” in your phone's app store to find the free BWL Outage Center mobile app for both Apple and Android based phones.


    Outage Center Mobile App Privacy Policy


    • Securely log-in to view properties associated with your account number
    • See where outages are and how many customers are affected on an interactive outage map
    • Report your power outages and check on restoration estimates
    • Follow social media posts by the BWL
    • Update contact information, including phone number and email address


    How can I download the app?

    Visit the [Google Play] or [iTunes] store and search for “Lansing BWL.” The app is titled “Outage Center.”

    I can’t find the app in the app store. What do I do?

    Start by searching “Lansing BWL” in the app store. If it does not appear, it’s likely your version of the phone does not support the app. We support the most current production version and one version back.

    Once I download the app, I can’t find it. Where did it go?

    The app in the phone is called “Outage Center” with a BWL icon. Look in your applications under “O”.

    Will the phone save my log-in information?

    Once users log into the app once, the phone will store the account number so users don’t have to log in every time. It will not save login information. If users log out of the app, the phone will delete the account information.

    Will I be notified once my power is restored?

    Customers will NOT receive notification once power has been restored to their address. Users can check the outage map to see restoration estimates and power status.

    How do I cancel an outage?

    At this time, you cannot cancel an outage once it has been sent. If the outage was sent in error, please call Customer Service at 517-702-6006. If power is restored shortly after the outage was reported, it will automatically clear in our system and no further action is necessary.

    How can I change my default location?

    Your default location is the address the app will automatically start on when clicking to the Outage Map or to Report an Outage. You can change which address is considered your “default” by going to Settings.

    How long can it take to change my email and phone number via the app?

    It can take up to eight days to process an email and phone number change.

    Can I check on the power status of addresses that are not on my account?

    For safety reasons, customers can only report and identify outages for their accounts. Users are able to search for other addresses and see if they’re in an outage area.


    Outage Center Mobile App Privacy Policy

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ImageLaunch map to report your outage or check on property status. Once reported, outage may take up to 15 minutes to be displayed.