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  • What to do when the lights go out

    • Before reporting an outage, please check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Check to see if your neighbors are out as well. That will help us determine the extent of the problem.

    • Report power outages by calling the BWL outage line at 877-295-5001. Additionally, customers can report their outage by using the outage map on the Outage Center, through the BWL Outage Center mobile app or by texting “out” or “outage” to txtbwl/898295.

    • Unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs and computers.

    • Unplug refrigerators, freezers and other major appliances. Reducing the load when power is restored may prevent additional outage time.

    • Leave a light on so you will know when the power is restored and you can plug your refrigerator and freezer chest in again.

    • If you or someone in your home is dependent on some type of electrically operated life-support equipment, it is very important that the BWL be notified. Please call 517-702-6006 to receive a form to be completed to be placed on the life support list.

    • The BWL will notify all of our customers in advance of any planned power outages that may affect them.

    • The BWL is responsible for electrical repair to the mast or house knobs, the point where wires attach to the customer's residence or business. Any electrical work required beyond the mast or house knobs is the responsibility of the customer. Click here for more information.


ImageLaunch map to report your outage or check on property status. Once reported, outage may take up to 15 minutes to be displayed.