• Utility Shut-off Protection

    The Lansing Board of Water & Light wants customers to know the BWL will do everything it can to prevent shut-offs during the winter heating season, including working with customers to develop a payment schedule.

    Low-Income Customers

    Low-income Customers, or those who fall behind on their bills during the winter months, should contact our Customer Service Department at 702-6006. Our representatives will be happy to work with you on a payment plan.

    Military Families

    Families with active members of the U.S. Military are also protected from shut-offs. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 702-6006.

    Medical Alert Form for Non-Interruption of Electic Service

    Completion of this form verifies that a medical emergency does exist in your home, that there is medical equipment dependant on electric, and continuation of your electric service is vital to the health and well-being of the patient listed below.

    Senior Enrollment Form

    If you are a customer 65 or older, please let us know. Call (517)702-6006.

    Third Party Notification Form

    You can now arrange to have a friend, relative or landlord receive a copy of your bills including any shut off notice you receive. If you're out of town or overlook a notice, the person you choose can give you a friendly reminder. This free service gives you an extra measure against having your services turned off.

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