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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I report an electric outage, downed line or streetlight out?

    Report outages by calling the BWL outage line at 877-295-5001. Additionally, customers can report their outage by using the outage map on our Outage Center or through the BWL Outage Center mobile app.

    How do I report a water main break?

    If you need to report a water main break, call 517-702-6490.

    How does the BWL restore power and in what order?

    The BWL restores power first in order of priority by hospitals, urgent care facilities, water pumping facilities, police and fire departments, waste water treatment plants and pumping stations. All other restoration not immediately involving public safety will then be scheduled to restore service to the largest number of customers within the shortest amount of time.

    My power is out but it is not showing up on the outage map?

    If you’ve just reported your outage, it can take up to about 15 minutes to register on the outage map. If you’re still not seeing your home as listed in an outage, call our outage line at 877-295-5001.

    Why does my neighbor have power and I do not?

    It’s possible your neighbor may be on a different circuit than you. Power is restored first to where the largest number of customers will be helped. If you have not reported your outage, call 877-295-5001.

    What should I do if a power line falls in my yard?

    Never touch a downed power line and stay at least 25 feet away from any that are down. If a line has fallen in your yard, call our outage line at 877-295-5001.

    How do I check the status of a power outage?

    Once your outage has been reported, it will be entered into our Outage Management System (OMS). You can call the outage line at 877-295-5001 or check the outage map for a restoration estimate. Once the crew has assessed the scene, that information will become available.

    How do I access BWL's Outage Map if my power is out?

    The BWL outage map can be accessed from our home page or through the Outage Center, which can be found at

    Does the BWL remove trees or tree debris after a storm?

    After a storm, problem trees will be cut so line crews can make needed service repairs. The debris, brush and wood will be left on your property so BWL crews can continue to the next site that needs attention. A private refuse removal service or private tree service should be able to assist you in the removal of this debris. However, we ask you to wait until all electric lines are repaired before your debris is removed in case of a hidden downed line.

    How do I apply for an outage credit?

    If your power was out for five days or longer, you’re eligible to apply for an outage credit. The credit is for $25 after the first five days and $5 per day after that. The form to apply can be found at

    How should I prepare for outages?

    Listen to local media reports and digital weather notifications via the BWL social media pages for possible severe weather. If a storm is coming to the Lansing service area, have emergency kits and supplies on hand. For more information, visit the Storm Preparedness Tips page here.

    How does the BWL prepare for outages?

    The BWL is always actively watching for potential storms that could cause outages. Often times, extra crews are assigned to be on call in the event power lines are knocked down. For more information, visit the BWL Storm Preparedness page here.

    What does red and white tape and orange tape mean on downed lines?

    Lines that are down and marked with red and white tape are power lines. The tape indicates that the BWL is aware that the line is down, but the crew isn’t able to stay with the line. Orange tape means the line is not a power line, but is a communications or cable line.

    Why does the BWL conduct planned outages?

    A planned outage is work performed on a schedule which requires turning customers’ power off. The BWL’s intent is to minimize the duration of these outages, which can last from 2 to 8 hours. The outages are important in maintaining the integrity of the lines that serve our customers and for the safety of our workers. The BWL will inform customers ahead of the outage so they can plan accordingly.

    Where do I download the BWL Outage Center mobile app?

    The BWL Outage Center mobile app is available free to download for Apple and Android based devices. For more information, visit


ImageLaunch map to report your outage or check on property status. Once reported, outage may take up to 15 minutes to be displayed.