• Energy Theft

    Energy theft and meter tampering is taken very seriously by the BWL. Energy theft and the methods used to steal energy have an adverse impact on the entire community. The things potentially affected include:

    • Safety to customers (and their property),
    • Safety to BWL employees
    • Utility rates


    The safety of both customers and employees is of paramount importance to the BWL. Meter tampering is among the methods used by individuals that attempt to steal energy. When un-trained and unauthorized persons modify or attempt to modify electrical equipment, including meters, the results can be tragic. Improper modification or wiring of a meter, for example, can result in explosion and/or fire. This type of tampering can pose a serious threat of injury or even death to the individual "tampering" or to a utility worker that regularly works with the equipment.

    In order to insure safety in our community and workforce, the BWL actively pursues remedy and repayment regarding energy theft and meter tampering. Often, the BWL will, through legal channels, prosecute persons involved in energy theft or tampering activities.


    Of course, when every BWL customer shares in the cost of utility products and services all customers benefit from rates that are consistently lower than our competitors. If, on the other hand, a few individuals tamper with their meters and steal energy, the results can translate into higher costs for those customers who faithfully pay their utility bills

    All customers of the BWL can support our efforts to insure safety and promote continued lower utility rates by contacting the BWL at (517) 702-6006 if you observe or suspect energy theft or meter tampering.

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