• Partnership with General Motors

    Public/Private partnerships promote economic development in Lansing

    In March, 2000, the Lansing Board of Water and Light joined Trigen-Cinergy Solutions and USFilter to provide utilities services to the new General Motors Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant in Lansing.

    The public/private partnership was created to design, build and operate a Central Utilities Complex (CUC) to provide total utility services to the new $558 million facility. CUC services include electricity distribution, hot and chilled water, building and process heat, compressed air and water/wastewater services.

    The CUC, which operates under an energy management agreement with GM, is the distribution point for all plant utility services for the three major buildings on the site, the body shop, paint shop and general assembly. It incorporates a number of innovations to provide state-of- the-art efficiency and environmental benefits.

    The unique blend of public and private partnership on this project is a nationwide model for providing efficient, environmentally responsible and technologically advanced utility services. The partnership's aggressive focus on cost, quality and scheduling provided GM with innovative and efficient energy management solutions at the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant.

    Process steam and electricity is provided by the Lansing Board of Water and Light, which financed and owns the Central Utilities Complex. Trigen-Cinergy Solutions, USFilter and the Board of Water and Light jointly manage the Central Utilities Complex.

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