• Pennies for Power

    You can join thousands of BWL customers signing up for our New and Improved Pennies for Power Program.

    We know that a few pennies can have a powerfully positive impact on our community. Pennies for Power is a convenient and painless way for BWL customers to help needy families in our community. Participants agree to round up their utility bill to the next highest dollar each month, with the extra change going to provide one-time utility shut-off protection for customers who can’t make their utility bill payment.

    Over 4,000 BWL customers currently participate in the program, contributing nearly $40,000 each year to help those in need. The Pennies for Power Program is administered by Capital Area Community Services, which screens applicants and determines the level of support for each. No administrative fees are used to support Pennies for Power, so every dollar goes to provide utility shut-off protection.

    There are three ways you can help raise funds for utility shut-off protection for low income families in the Lansing area:

    1. Round up - With this option, we will round up your monthly utility bill to the next whole dollar.
    2. Round up and add a Buck - With this option, we'll round up your monthly utility bill to the next whole dollar and add an additional $1 each month. You have the choice to leave it set at the $1 default or increase to any amount you choose.
    3. One time donation - You can also make a one-time donation to be included with your next utility bill.

    The total amount contributed for the year will be included on your January statement. You can use this statement for your tax reporting purposes.

    Participating is easy.

    Click here to enroll now! 

    You may also select the appropriate box on your monthly bill's return stub or call BWL Customer Service Department at 702-6006.

    We’ll enroll you in the program in time for next month’s billing.

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