• Impression 5 Science Center Water Room

    In 2001, the BWL helped sponsor the first water room at Impression 5 Science Center. The exhibit allowed experimentation with properties of water, which contributed to the understanding of principles such as hydrology, propulsion, buoyancy and construction of plumbing systems. It soon became one of the most popular attractions at the center.

    Feedback from educators, parents and kids urged providing more structure to enhance the exhibit’s learning potential. The Board of Water and Light sponsored the renovation project and in 2006 Impression 5 Science Center opened its newly expanded water room.

    BWL General Manager Sandy Novick commented, "Our sponsorship really represents an investment in science education that will benefit children in our community and spark interest in pursuing careers in the field of science".

    The Impression 5 Science Center’s water room overlooks the back of the Board of Water and Light’s John Dye Water Conditioning Plant. New displays on the wall within the exhibit include information about the BWL’s water conditioning process. The expansion project provides context to the water room experience, adding information and more materials to help visitors grasp the scientific principles behind their experiments.

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