• Water Service Installation

    At the Lansing Board of Water & Light, we've been installing water services for over 125 years. More recently, BWL teams have won multiple awards for the quality and quickness of their water service installation work. Most importantly, since the BWL is required to inspect and provide maintenance to all new water service installations, doesn't it make sense to have the BWL do the installation? You get design, installation and inspection with one phone call.

    Why the BWL?

    • Experienced and trained teams
    • Quality work by specialists
    • Guaranteed results
    • On-time service/installation date
    • No inspection fees
    • Onsite personal consultations
    • One call does it all


    BWL Service Areas

    In addition to performing water installations in the Lansing city limits, our teams are approved for all installation work in the City of DeWitt, and the following townships: Alaiedon, Bath, Delhi, DeWitt, Lansing, Watertown and Windsor. For installation service, call the BWL or the Water Department representative for your area listed below.  

    Customers in the City of Lansing, Alaiedon Township, Lansing Township or Windsor Township should call the Board of Water & Light Utility Services to initiate new water service at 517-702-6700. 

    Board of Water & Light
    Utility Services
    P.O. Box 13007, Lansing MI 48901
    Email: utilityservices@lbwl.com

    Customers in the areas listed below should call the appropriate governmental office telephone number to initiate new construction service as listed below. If you are calling for a turn on or off of an existing water service please call Board of Water & Light Customer Service department at 517-702-6006.

    Bath Township 641-6728
    Delhi Township 694-8281
    DeWitt City 669-2441
    Dewitt Township 668-0278
    Watertown Township 626-6593 ext:207
      626-6593 ext:205
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