• New Construction, Service Upgrades or Demolition of Service

    Utility Services
    1232 Haco Drive
    Lansing Michigan 48912
    7:00AM to 4:30PM
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    Utility Services

    Responsible for starting the process of installing, modifying or demolishing services for Electric, Water, Steam, Chilled Water and Outdoor Protective Lighting. Most business transactions can be handled over the telephone. Feel free to call or fax:

    Utility Services phone: (517) 702-6700
    Utility Services fax: (517) 702-6267


    For a power outage, a loss of water or steam service, or any other emergency in connection with our service:

    Power Outage toll-free: (877) 295-5001
    Water or Steam emergency: (517) 702-6490
    Sewerage (City of Lansing): (517) 483-4161

    Green Power

    Phone: (517) 702-6006 or (800) 493-8009 (toll-free)

    Miss Dig

    If you plan to dig on your property, be safe not sorry. At least 72 hours before starting your project, call to have all underground utilities located and staked.

    Phone: (800) 482-7171
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