• Steam

    An Energy Source for All Seasons

    Although our product originates as steam, its usefulness extends far beyond heating a building. We deliver thermal energy that can be put to a variety of uses. Here are a few:


    Our customers use steam to heat their building. Technologies include direct steam, hot water, and forced air systems.


    The BTU content of steam makes it a good energy source to drive cooling equipment.

    Humidity Control

    BWL steam humidifies through direct injection or by evaporating a separate water source. New technologies are developing, using steam energy to drive dehumidifiers.

    Domestic Hot Water

    Knowledgeable customers squeeze every usable BTU from their steam, using it to heat their domestic water. Well-designed systems even use steam condensate to pre-heat a building's water supply.


    Steam energy can be used to de-ice sidewalks, bridges and heliports, or to protect long pipe runs or other areas exposed to freezing.

    Product Delivery

    We transport steam from our production plants to the Thermal Energy District through large transmission mains. These feed distribution mains within specific areas. The distribution mains connect with individual building services. This grid work assures a high degree of system reliability.

    Industrial and Commercial processing

    Steam offers an energy source for a multitude of commercial and industrial process. A few examples include laundries, restaurants and car assembly lines. They all use BWL steam in their business operations.

    Simple schematic showing a variety of steam uses. BWL professionals will be happy to help you design a system to fit your building needs.

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