• Steam

    Downtown Lansing's Energy Choice

    Thermal energy from the Board of Water and Light offers several advantages to downtown developers, building owners and managers.

    Capital Investment

    In today's construction environment, every dollar counts. A commitment to steam saves thousands of dollars and hundreds of square feet of building space by eliminating the need for costly furnaces or boilers.


    We produce steam from coal, a fuel that's available in large quantities from domestic suppliers. Our coal contracts provide a steady supply at reasonable prices.


    Steam delivers more usable BTUs for your buck. A properly designed system achieves year-round thermal efficiency of over 95 percent. That means no energy loss through smoke-stacks, daily cycling of boilers, or the need for multiple fuels.


    Steam offers peace of mind for the architect, building owner and manager. No fumes foul the environment of modern, air tight buildings. No combustible fuels are stored or burned on-site, reducing the danger of fire or explosion. And that could return dollars to your pocket in lower insurance premiums.


    Our Thermal Energy District makes downtown Lansing a cleaner place. Elimination of on-site combustion reduces the number of possible pollution sources. In the late 1970's the BWL invested millions of dollars in pollution control equipment. As a result, our central steam generating facilities meet or exceed all EPA and State of Michigan standards. Elimination of vents, stacks and assorted piping from your building project make for aesthetically clean designs.

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