Greenwise Power is a voluntary renewable power program for customers looking to purchase their energy from a cleaner, renewable source. Customers can purchase 250 kWh blocks of energy for $3.25, or 1.3 cents per kWh, which is added in addition to the customer’s normal electric bill. Customers subscribing to a number of blocks equal to or exceeding their annual usage can claim they are powered with 100 percent renewable energy.


    How does Greenwise Power Work?

    Customers participating in Greenwise receive renewable energy from BWL, and are charged a monthly per block rate in addition to their energy usage and surcharges. The program allows customers to participate in renewable energy, without having to install anything on their home or business. This program is not designed to lower your energy bill.

    Why is BWL offering Greenwise Power?

    BWL wants to provide a choice for any interested customers looking to source their energy from cleaner energy sources and aid in the development of future renewable projects. Also, many commercial customers have asked for a way to help them meet internal sustainability goals.


    What benefit is there for a customer to sign up for Greenwise Power?

    Customers who sign up get the knowledge they are contributing to the development of renewable energy resources and can claim their home or business is powered by renewable energy.

    Who is eligible for Greenwise Power?

    All electric customers are eligible to enroll in the program.


    How many kWh does my home use in a month?

    The average BWL residential customer uses 549 kWh per month (fiscal year 2018). This is a little more than two blocks of Greenwise power.

    How do I enroll or unenroll from Greenwise?

    Call 517-702-6483 or email  greenwise@lbwl.com with your name and address.


    If enrollment exceeds the initially available renewable energy resources, all non-residential participants will be subject to a contract stating the number of blocks they will be purchasing and the period of time they will be enrolling in the rider.

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