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Executive Team

Dick Peffley

Dick Peffley

General Manager

Dick Peffley, who joined the BWL in 1976, was named General Manger by the BWL Board of Commissioners on September 22, 2015. He previously served as Interim General Manager in 2006-7 and 2015. Peffley’s experience at the BWL is extensive, having served in many capacities in the electric and water utilities.

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George Stojic

Executive Director, Planning & Development

Stojic, who has been with the BWL since 2007, is responsible for long-term planning, environmental compliance, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, major customer projects, project engineering and market operations.

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Brandie Ekren

Brandie Ekren

General Counsel

Ekren, who joined the BWL in 2004 as the Associate Attorney, acquired both her Law Degree, Cum Laude (2002) and Bachelor’s degree, with Honors (1999) from Michigan State University. In 2008, Ekren was promoted to General Counsel being responsible for the BWL legal affairs.

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Heather Shawa

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Shawa, who joined the BWL in 2015, previously served Lansing’s Demmer Corporation as Vice President of Operations and CFO. She serves Peckham, Inc. as the board president, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Board and previously served on the Mayor of Lansing’s City Financial Health Team.

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Dave Bolan

Dave Bolan

Executive Director, Operations

Bolan, who previously served as Director of Electric Transmission and Distribution (T & D), has been with the BWL since 1987. Bolan oversees T & D and electric generation and water production and distribution. Prior to joining the BWL, Bolan worked at Houston Lighting and Power.

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Michael Flowers

Michael Flowers

Executive Director, Human Resources

Flowers previously worked in human resources for Accident Fund Insurance Company of America and Sparrow Health System, and teaches human resources at Lansing Community College.

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Stephen Serkaian

Stephen Serkaian

Executive Director, Public Affairs

Serkaian has been with the BWL since 2012. Serkaian is responsible for internal and external communications, media relations and governmental and community relations.

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